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Video Testimonial: John from Greensburg (WMV)

Gretchen B. from Apollo/Leechburg
I figured this out a few weeks ago and it might help with some folks on the fence about alternatives to driving alone.....

Let's assume that:

  • I am paying $2.65 per gallon for gasoline; and
  • I have a car that gets 18 mpg, hwy/city Avg (which I do); and
  • I am paying $5 to park at a city lot; and
  • I am commuting 80 miles round trip (which I do).

It costs a commuter, like me.....

Gasoline per week $58.89
Parking per week  $25.00
Maintenance       $  4.00

The PAT bus would cost per wk $15.00
Savings per week $72.89
Savings per year              $3,644.50!

(That's a vacation to Disney, with airfare, for 5 people!)

J. G. Painter; West Park, PA
I registered with the CommuteInfo program because of the pending PAT bus strike.  I use public transportation on a daily basis to commute back and forth to work.  I will utilize the CommuteInfo program in the future should a bus strike arise.  The number of participants in the program can only add to the people in your area in which you can ride-share with.  I knew nothing of the gift card incentive --- it came as a complete surprise to learn I was a winner.  Thanks CommuteInfo!  Keep up the good work.

Agnes Z. from Allison Park (also a winner of one of the November 2008 gift cards)
I am very excited about being chosen a winner for the CommuteInfo Program…I did want to send a great big THANK YOU to you.  What a surprise when I received my certified envelope with my prize card in it.  I am really going to enjoy spending my card in SAKS FIFTH AVENUE and will treat myself to a very nice Christmas Present.  Once again, thank you so much.  I never expected to win anything, and it is a really wonderful and great prize.  Once again, thank you. 

Johnna K. from Trafford (also a winner of one of the October 2008 gift cards)
 I attended a seminar on the CommuteInfo Program.  I am getting ready to move to Lawrenceville with the rest of the Children’s Hospital Staff.  I was given a lot of good information at the seminar and I am now reviewing my choices for my commute to the new hospital.  I registered and received a list of people who are just like me.  I look forward to using the CommuteInfo Program to make the best decision in the future months.

Belachew A. from Shadyside (also a winner of one of the October 2008 gift cards)
I am very grateful for the gift card commuteinfo awarded me when in fact I am the one to award CommuteInfo for the superb service it rendered to me.  Since I started working at downtown Pittsburgh, I usually commute mass transit (77D/F &G).  Every morning and evening I take my bus, I spend few minutes imagining the cost of driving my car, had I used it to commute. Gas price, parking fee, maintenance, time and others are some to mention. No! I cannot afford, I say to myself.  Instead, by riding my lovely bus every morning and evening, in addition to saving the expenses that I would spend on my car, I usually get extra time to read books, magazines, newspaper or review some materials from work, meet people of different profession, culture and experiences during the ride.  What a multiple benefit!  I also feel good about my bus ride because my contribution to air pollution and traffic congestion is minimal.  Sometimes, looking at the number of people in the bus, I try to imagine the kind of congestion that would have been created had all these people in the bus drove their own cars.  And of course, the emission contributed from all the vehicles causing air pollutions, environmental problem, accidents and so forth are hard to imagine…I thank commute info program again for its outstanding effort of organizing such programs like carpooling, van pooling which brings transit efficiency.

Patricia K. from Canonsburg (also a winner of one of the September 2008 gift cards)
With an hour+ commute each day, driving a V8 truck into downtown Pittsburgh each day is not a good option.  Today, I drive half way and pick up the PAT trolley @ South Hills Village. 

Transit womanwithsign

"Ava M.," Pitt Student
How do you commute to campus?
I ride the bus to campus.
Why did you start commuting by bus?
I lived on campus for two years. As a Freshman I lived in Nordenberg. As a Sophomore I lived in McCormick. After my Sophomore year, I decided to live at home and try commuting. I have a car because my workplace is not transit accessible. But, I live on the bus line and I can see it from my house. I thought it would be silly to not take advantage of the bus service with it right there. 

"Alex T.," Pitt Staff

How do you commute to campus?
I ride the Port Authority bus. I have been riding the bus for about three years.
What do you like about riding the bus?
There is a significant cost benefit. I save about $150 a month. And, I avoid wear and tear on my vehicle. I have time to read, check social media, and decompress. … I can take extra time to read instead of driving. I enjoy not having the hassle of driving.
Is there anything that surprised you about public transit?
I didn't expect that I would end up liking the bus so much. Riding the bus is shaping the way I engage in the city. I currently live in the East End, and it is very transit accessible. Accessibility to public transit has become a major factor in deciding where I want to live. I am going to be purchasing a house; I'm looking for locations that are accessible to the bus or the T, and I'm ignoring areas that aren't.

“Carol S.,” Port Authority Rider

I work at the Allegheny County Health Department...  When we moved downtown in January [2015], I was not sure how I was going to commute.  For 4 days we were given permission to park next to the building.  Then I talked to my pastor at my church.  He said it would be fine to park my car in the church parking lot and then I take a bus downtown.  I walk four long blocks from the bus stop to my workplace, but the exercise is good for me.   ....  Actually, it has saved me money because I get a senior citizen free bus pass and my parking is free.  I use MUCH less gas.  This has worked out for me.

"Letitia S.", from Sewickley (also a winner of one of the August 2008 gift cards)
...I am currently using mass transit when I work out of the … offices in Pittsburgh; I take the 16A or Ohio Valley Flyer (OV) and use the Park and Ride at Glenfield.  It’s great on nasty days or when my husband and I are sharing a vehicle; he can drop me off before going to work.  I can read on the bus and don’t have to deal with the hassle of traffic or parking or the expenses.  The buses run regularly enough that I can get to work very early or stay late if I have deadlines to meet.

On Thursdays I work out of the … headquarters office in Johnstown.  We have a carpool that leaves from Murrysville.  Since joining the carpool, I have been able to cut down on my travel expenses considerably (gas and tolls) and the companionship makes the trip much more pleasant.  All of us are communications professionals so we can discuss work issues or “meet” on projects as we travel.  Our company really supports carpooling, so we have access to special parking slots close to the building as well as access to a carpooling website on the company internet if we need to recruit additional carpoolers.

When you try the options to driving—mass transit and carpooling—it really makes sense to leave the car at home (or in a Park and Ride lot).

Rebecca B., from Verona (also a winner of one of the August 2008 gift cards)
 I am one of the lucky ones that the Port Authority bus picks me up close to my driveway, and drops me off almost at the front door of my office.  … My employer is encouraging all employees to register with CommuteInfo to assist with parking and transportation issues....  I was surprised when I received the registered letter with the gift certificates.  "Thank You, CommuteInfo for the gift certificates and for your assistance."

"Meg" from Seven Fields, Butler County
"Since I have been riding the bus (December 9, 2003) I have read 50 books!

Pretty Faces"Jen M.," Port Authority 13A Bus Rider
"What can I say, I was very hesitant to ride a bus, feeling very unfamiliar with the territory.  I have been driving downtown for years to come to work.  Now, I am using the bus and I am very happy that I gave the experience a chance.  I am now a “regular” with a bus passJ.  I save around $200 dollars a month and I get a few minutes before and after work to relax and let someone else do the driving!"

"Teri Z." (also a winner of one of the August 2006 $50 gift cards)
"I was lucky enough to have someone in my office live within 1 mile from me.  We commuted together to work and alternated driving.  Even though this helped, we were still spending so much money on gas and parking.  Eventually a new bus route from the North Hills directly to Oakland became available.  I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful this is.  We barely add on any time with the commute and it is saving us quite a bit of our paycheck!” 

"Taking the Port Authority buses is simply a win-win situation. First off, I do not have to incur any traffic headaches or parking woes. The savings from not having to pay parking fees can be directed into my IRA and my son's college fund. I have made a resolution this year to read more. What could be easier than reading on my morning commute while some one else has to do the driving? In the afternoon, I can catch a quick nap to be refreshed for the evenings' activities. The wear and tear on my car is another thing I do not have to worry about. My commute is approximately 18 miles, so I save 36 miles a day on my vehicle. That saves on parts and maintenance too. With gas prices rising astronomically, I save further by not having to spend my wages on fuel. What is not to gain from taking transit? I will ride transit as long as it is offered. It is one of the easiest, smartest moves that I ever made."

"I called the toll-free CommuteInfo line because I was desperate to get to the new Children's Hospital. I do not own a car and desperately needed to keep my job. After discussing the various ridesharing options, the CommuteInfo staff put me in touch with one of the CommuteInfo program partners, Port Authority. Unfortunately there were no scheduled trips available on the bus to meet my needs. The staff at Port Authority researched my trip and was able get me to my destination on bus service using on and off-road trips (going to and from the garage). Even though this added some length to my commute, I was thrilled because I was able to get there and keep my job."

"I had been commuting into downtown Pittsburgh for my job for over one year. I knew the 1 1/4 hour drive was frustrating, but it was also costing me a lot of money - $2860 a year, just in parking! I was living in a rural area and was not really sure how to access the bus service. I also knew I did not want my trip to take any longer. I was able to find a solution driving part way and taking a Port Authority bus. I also am able to take advantage of my employer's transit benefit so I pay even less to ride the bus! It takes almost the same amount of time, I am saving lots of money and there is a lot less aggravation!"

"I ride Westmoreland Transit to my job in downtown Pittsburgh. I really enjoy not having to drive & having more time to read or even take a nap! Riding the bus certainly makes my commute a LOT less stressful."

[ top ]


Carolyn F., volunteer coordinator for V116 (travelling from Charleroi to downtown Pittsburgh) commuteinfo vanpooler

I have been involved with vanpooling for over 35 years.  It is truly “a better way to work.”  Not only is it cheaper, but you cause no wearandtear on your own vehicle.  Your monthly payment includes gas, parking and the rider fare.  And you are guaranteed a seat…no standing and no waiting outside in bad weather.  If the vanpool was not available, I probably would not be working in the ‘Burgh.  Best of all, you are riding with a group of people so it really cuts down on the monotony of commuting by yourself.  Hands down, the best commuting option available.

Gail F., rider on V508 (Rimersburg to Boyers/Iron Mountain)
I just want to thank CommuteInfo for the opportunities provided through your van pool program. I joined a van pool 3 1/2 years ago and since then I haven’t had to drive my personal vehicle to work. I have saved an incredible amount of money  on gas to and from work. I have also saved on my car insurance due to my vehicle being changed from a work vehicle to a recreational vehicle. We have always been taken care of when the van was in need of repairs or scheduled maintenance. I enjoy meeting with your representatives when you stop in at work to bring attention to your program. It’s nice to put faces to the names.  I appreciate all that your team does. Keep up the great work!!

Kim G., Pitt Staff 
How do you commute to campus?Vanpool lady
I ride in the Butler vanpool. I've been riding in the vanpool for three years.

How did you start vanpooling?
When I first came to Oakland, I immediately signed up with CommuteInfo. They connected me with an employee in Saxonburg. We carpooled for at least a year. Over time we added more people to the carpool. So, we worked with CommuteInfo to start a vanpool. Then, we found two other carpools that were making a similar commute, and we asked them to join the vanpool.

What benefits do you experience as a vanpooler?
The vanpool is significantly cheaper than driving by yourself. One of the women in our vanpool was paying over $200 a month for parking alone before joining us. Before I started vanpooling, I was putting 2 new tires on my car every 6 months.  I'm saving a lot of money, and avoiding wear and tear on my vehicle.

What is it like to be part of a vanpool?
We became friends really quickly and we have a blast. We listen to music in the morning and we all enjoy each other's company. We have donut Fridays, and we occasionally go out to lunch together on campus. 

Kate F., Pitt Staff
How do you commute to campus?
I ride in the Butler vanpool. I have been vanpooling for about six years. Three of those years have been in the Butler vanpool.

What benefits do you experience as a vanpooler?
My impression from my first ride was that it was a lot easier than driving alone. I have less wear and tear on my vehicle, and less wear and tear on me! I don't have to drive. I have people to talk to. I am able to listen to the radio. I don't have to worry about traffic. Through the years we have found very unique back ways to Oakland. This changes up the commute and can save us time or help us avoid traffic.

Kerry O., rider on V205 (traveling from Lower Burrell to Oakland)
I am a Vanpool person and I love it.  Been riding the same van for over 9 years.  Best way to commute in my opinion.  I was putting over $50 a week in gas plus $90 a month to park and that was 9 years ago. I know parking has gone way up since then.  It cost me $80 per month to ride the van.   You develop such a bond with the other riders.  You can sleep, discuss the latest news and sports but the best part is you don’t have to deal with driving in winter.  So much less stress in an otherwise stressful world.

Tony S., vanpool group coordinator from Monroeville
"I began riding in a vanpool in January 2012, back and forth from Monroeville to Cranberry.  Before I joined the vanpool, my gas and toll costs were about $300 per month.  This cost does not include other wear and tear on the car.  The monthly vanpool invoice has been averaging about $100 per month for the same commute.  In the four full years I have been riding I estimate I’ve saved $200 per month times 48 months, equal to $9,600!  And that doesn’t count tires, brakes, and other maintenance costs in addition to the human costs of driving fatigue and stress that have been avoided."

“Elena F.” rider on V214 (travelling from Butler to Oakland)
“I have been able to save money on gas and decrease the wear and tear on my car. I do not feel as fatigued as I used to from the long driving hours. I even get to nap on the way home some days :)”

“Ruth B.” rider on V202 (travelling from Greensburg to Oakland)
“I worked off shifts for 15 years and when I transferred labs and came to day shift, I knew I would need a different way to get to work.  I carpooled when I was on evening shift.  I feel that it is better for the environment and makes for less vehicles on the road.  Plus I have made a lot of good friends by van pooling…Our van riders (vanigans, as we like to call ourselves) get along well.  We have monthly activities, share books to read, recipes, craft ideas and decorating advice.  In general, the ride to and from work is enjoyable and makes a very long ride go fast…And van pooling saves wear and tear on your own vehicle, saves on your car insurance and save on gas.”

Sandra S., rider on V210 (travelling from Vandergrift to Oakland)
“I started at Pitt at 10/1/91.  My first day of work I took a bus.  After driving 15 miles to the bus stop I spend 1 ½ hours commuting to Oakland and the same commuting back to my car.  By my third day of work I was on a [CommuteInfo] van…Another rider on that van lived close by so we car pooled to the van stop.  After a couple of years, a seat opened up on the van that left from then Leechburg/Vandergrift area and I have been riding ever since.  I decided since I worked at Pitt I would take classes and get my degree.  For over 10 years my riding time was spend doing homework and reading for class.  Without that extra time in my day that could be utilized for school work I would have never completed my degree.  Thank you … CommuteInfo for offering a great service.  The vans are always in good working order and a reliable safe way to work.”

Video Testimony: "Carla" from Leechburg (WMV)

"Sheila G.," from Ligonier, PA
“… I’m in van pool No. 137, from Latrobe to Pittsburgh…I love our van pool…I, personally, have been on the van since June 2010.   Don’t know why I waited so long to join!  One of the smartest decisions I ever made.  I hope the opportunity remains until I retire…”

“Sissy A.” from Lower Burrell
I have been riding the van to Oakland and back to Lower Burrell for almost 10 years now and couldn’t be happier.  My daughter now has joined the van and this gives us time to catch up on the day and each other.  The wear and tear on my car that is saved is immense.  My tires aren’t wearing so fast with the 50 mile a day travel.  The amount I pay a month to ride the van is cheaper than parking lots in Oakland.  With the price of gas forever going up, people are foolish not to take advantage of this opportunity.  With riding on the van, you can sit and read or even take a nap while someone else is driving you to work.

“Pat M.”
I love the vanpool I am in – I catch the van only six minutes from my house, we park in the Save-a-lot parking lot.  I do have to catch this particular van very early – 6:15 am and I start work at 7:30am – but I used to spend $300 to get to work and now I only spend $82.00!!!

Sissy, current vanpool rider
“If you ever give out an award for van driver of the year, I hope it goes to Ron S.  Ron is not only a great van driver, he always goes the extra mile to make sure there is a substitute driver if the need arises.  Ron also takes the van to the alternate driver to make sure they have everything.  Ron calls the commuter if late in showing up to make sure all is ok if had not heard from them and waits if necessary.”

“Carol S.” recently retired from her job and her vanpool group
 “ … I have had many interesting experiences in the past 23 years that I’ve been vanpooling…we began to notice a strange smell in the van – and it increased as the days went by.  Finally we discovered a cantaloupe under one of the seats.  It seems one of the riders had dropped the cantaloupe from a grocery bag and never missed it…I’ve often thought I should write a book about all the interesting people who have ridden our Van over the years….”

“Dan C.” from Pittsburgh
I have been a rider of the van from Pittsburgh to Wheeling since last October and I don't think I could have kept my job here if not for the van.

Lynnette“Lynnette K.” (a CommuteInfo vanpool program participant and back-up driver from New Kensington – joined in 2006)
“I have been riding on the CommuteInfo Van for 2 years now and I love it.  What is so great about riding on a vanpool is that my average cost is $75 per month and I get in and out of the city of Pittsburgh very quickly. Now I will say that our vanpool cost is so low because we are currently operating at full capacity and we have riders waiting for open seats.

Currently, I have no more worries about parking, gas, or driving and best of all I have the pleasure of making new friends and relaxing on my drive to and from work.  For the most part, I am no longer stressing over traffic and construction projects except on the occasional day that I may need to drive in to work myself.  In the past, I was driving into the city everyday from the New Kensington area.  I had to pay to park which cost me over $30 a week and $50+ to fill my gas tank totaling over $80 a week.  When I calculated my costs for the month, I was spending well over $320. I can only say how grateful I am for CommuteInfo for giving me the opportunity to save an extra $245+ a month on my traveling expenses, not to mention on my mileage and wear and tear on my vehicle. Thanks again CommuteInfo!”  

Vanpool“Brian” from Cranberry
“Vanpooling can be flexible. I am able to ride a vanpool part-time which is helpful because I travel a lot with my job.”

"Ken" from Butler County, PA (a CommuteInfo vanpool program participant – joined in September 2007): I have found a match for commuting to Pittsburgh and the driver is very nice along with everyone else that rides down in the van. I am very happy with the service and I'm extremely grateful for finding out about it. The rate for the service is very fair as I would be paying at least twice if not more just for parking let alone the cost of gas and using my own car.

I would definitely recommend others to use this service.

"Clyde" from Eastern Westmoreland County:
“My van pool experience began in April 1985.  At that point my transportation to down town Pittsburgh was via bus, then car pool.  My residence is a little East of Latrobe PA, so although the bus was reliable, it certainly was not convenient, nor economical.  The lady with whom I was car pooling told me about something called a van pool.  The more she talked, the more I wanted to hear.  Two openings became available, and she and I filled the slots.  I've been riding van pool since.

  1. My experience has been great.  It is an economical way to commute to work.
  2. It is reliable knowing the van has a definite arrival, and departure time.
  3. It is a convenient way to travel with only a few stops which saves time.
  4. It is also a way to arrive, and leave when I need to for my job requirements.

Being part of a van pool has also led to many good friendships over the years which has just been an excellent experience.

It has worked for me over the past 22 years.  I've let this part to last, but it may be of some merit, I'm legally blind, so finding transportation with the qualities mentioned above, has been a real blessing.”

"Angela R." from Butler County, PA (a CommuteInfo vanpool program participant & one of the $50 gift card winners of the December 2006 recruitment incentive)
“My typical commute was 1 ½ hours one way if I was lucky and traffic was not bad.  So I spent over 15 hours a week in a vehicle.  I wanted to find other alternatives to travel to and from work.  Also, winter weather conditions was a big factor in finding safe transportation.  Since contacting CommuteInfo, I have joined a vanpool and it is much easier and faster.  Let CommuteInfo help you by finding alternative modes of transportation.”

"Dan W." from Butler, PA (a CommuteInfo program volunteer vanpool driver)
Once upon a time … (just couldn’t resist) in Butler Pennsylvania, I became aware of a job opening at the University of Pittsburgh, and my wife and I considered the logistics of the commute. She reminded me that there was a white van with the large blue “Pitt” logo on the side of it, in the Evans City Park-N-Ride lot, where I would be passing by anyhow. So I applied for the job at the University, and was hired. Then I contacted the Rideshare Office [the vanpool program is now operated as part of the regional CommuteInfo program] and was placed on the Cranberry van’s waiting list. I was told it may be two days, two weeks, or up to two years before I could become a rider. I was fortunate. I drove myself to Oakland from Butler, for my orientation. The very next day, an opening came up and I have been on the van for over 5 years now. I started off as a rider for a week or so, then shared the driving responsibilities on an every other week basis. Then I took over the primary driver spot. The van I drive for gets along splendidly. We all employ the community culture and respect each others space. We discuss all issues together and make decisions to benefit the group as a whole. Most of our riders share their ideas or voice concerns, which I pass along to the proper personnel. I don’t mind driving and commuting as a group makes the travel time seem insignificant. We still occasionally receive inquiries as to how our riders are doing, from past riders still in the area. So, I guess we must be doing something right.

Well that’s about it, so it is only fitting that I close with … The End. "

Woman Smiling"Elaine W"
"I have been riding a van since the early 1980's . . .

I find this to be an excellent method of commuting to the city. I have met a host of wonderful people and even a few jerks . . . but the good far out weighs the bad.

I have no complaints only compliments to the folks who keep this organization up and running for us."

"Dan D "
"Wow, why would I ever want to drive my car into downtown. My fuel costs are less than half of what they were; my auto insurance has been reduced because I rideshare and don’t drive my car into downtown; and because my mileage is low, my routine maintenance (and wear and tear) has been lessened. I now have fewer trips to the dealership for those costly “check-ups.” In the past 8 months, I have not driven my car into downtown; I ride public transit 5 days a week and love it.

When I landed my new job in Pittsburgh (I live in Latrobe), a family member suggested that I look into various commuting options. At first, I thought "No way." Like a lot of people, I like to have total control on my schedule and transportation because, like a lot of people, I don't work an 8:00 to 5:00 schedule.
Happy Man
The more I thought about it, the more I thought I would at least get more of the facts before I made a final decision.

I was put in touch with the vanpool driver who told me the information I wanted to know -

  • When the van left Latrobe?
  • When the van left Pittsburgh?
  • How far we park from my office?
  • How much it costs?
  • Who do we pay?
  • When do we pay?

The next thing I did was to call my new employer and asked them if they would work with me to fit the van's schedule. They had no problem with it.

I made my final decision to take the ride share van after the driver invited me to take a "test ride" to see how I liked it. So I started riding the van. We park less than two blocks from my office. You can't beat that. As far as the cost is concerned- you can't drive from Latrobe to Greensburg....let alone from Latrobe to Pittsburgh for $125.00 a month when you add everything (gas, parking, maintenance, depreciation).

There's other benefit that I really didn't give much thought to – so I can rest on the way back and forth."

"Don L"
“I don't know why people do not want to make the switch to trying a vanpool.  Everyday, as I turn on to the I-279 HOV, I see traffic backed up that far.  I guess people just want their independence and do not concern themselves with the extra expense of gas and parking leases.  To me, it doesn't make sense.”

"Al" From Westmoreland County
"I have been commuting to work via vanpooling for over 15 years. I estimate that I have kept approximately 221,000 miles off of my personal car over that time.

The cost of vanpooling is more than offset by the savings in parking costs, fuel costs, personal vehicle maintenance costs, and reduction in auto insurance in not using your personal vehicle to commute. “Vanpooling” just makes good financial sense.

It is also worth mentioning the relaxed state of being in not having to drive in traffic, also the camaraderie with fellow passengers – especially our vanpool."

[ top ]


"Mark P.," from Cranberry Township
We have been carpooling for 7 1/2 years and it would be difficult to imagine driving solo again.

“Pratik” from Marion Center
Pratik works in PITTSBURGH.  Pratik lives in MARION CENTER (NEAR PUNXSYTAWNEY).  Pratik gets up each morning at 6AM to start the 70 mile commute.  Pratik says that sharing the commute would GREAT!.   Pratik would like to find other people making this same trip to share the commute.  Contact us today, to find out how to start carpooling with Pratik.

“Marilyn C.,” Carpool CD006 participant (travels from Hampton Township to downtown Pittsburgh)
Carpooling lets me drive to work with a friend or neighbor. 

"Robyn S.," CommuteInfo Carpool Participant from Allegheny County
“I’m so happy I signed up for the [CommuteInfo] Ride Sharing Program!  I’ve hooked up with two great people who share as drivers and needed a rider.  I get picked up/dropped off at my door and am saving a considerable amount of money! It is a great program…”

"Brittney U.," from the North Hills
I commute in from the North Hills. I was able to carpool with another Pitt staff member on a daily basis. I took advantage of the carpooling program to alleviate travel costs and to have some pleasant company for the drive to and from campus.

"Diana L." from Sewickley
After attending graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh and moving off campus, I had to find the best way to commute to Oakland for my new job.  ….  Because my boyfriend and I drive to work together every day, we were able to register as a carpool with CommuteInfo.  The discounted monthly parking rate [provided by the University of Pittsburgh] and the “carpool only” parking spaces in the garage are definitely perks to being a part of the carpool program.

"Kathy W." from Penn Hills
I have been riding in a car or vanpool for 23 years and have had many different drivers. But for the last two years  Marjorie … has been the driver for our carpool. Marjorie is positively the best person  I have ever ridden with. She is kind, thoughtful and goes above and beyond the call of duty. She accommodates each and every one of us. She is always pleasant and I must say “never in a bad mood”. She is truly great and I think everyone should have a Marjorie to ride to work with. It would make your day so much brighter!

"John N.", from Manor (also a winner of one of the August 2008 gift cards)
Thank you for the notification that I am a winner.  I cannot honestly say that I remember seeing that there was such an incentive. 

… I registered with the CommuteInfo program to see if there were any other individuals in my new home area that commute into the city (specifically Oakland).  I did get a list of people, to which I have been unable to contact as of yet....  My typical commute will take me one of two ways, from Irwin north to Murrysville, and onto the Parkway East into Oakland, or up US-30 to the Parkway/Wilkinsburg to again get into Oakland.  Again, I did not see the incentive prior to registering, but it is a nice perk!

Also, as I said earlier, I am relatively new to the area I am commuting from (previously coming from either Monessen, PA or Springdale, PA), and am currently looking for ways to ease the burden of commuting….My goal is to use that list (and maybe even request for an updated list in the future), to either rideshare or get possible options as to what others are doing to get into the city.Woman With Bullhorn

“Mary M.” from Weirton, WV (a CommuteInfo program participant & one of the $75 gift card winners of the July 2008 recruitment incentive)
“I registered for the commute info program to try and save money on gas.  My company does have car-pooling information and connects people for car pooling, but there weren’t any matches for me [at this time].  That’s when I signed up on the website.  Each day I travel approximately 25 miles from my home in Weirton to the Robinson area.  This is 50 miles round trip and typically takes about 30-35 minutes one way.  …I would just want other commuters to know that it was very easy to sign up and use the website.”

"Cathy G." from Washington County, PA (a CommuteInfo program participant & one of the $50 gift card winners of the July 2006 recruitment incentive)
“My current commute is 32 miles. Currently I carpool with another individual, but we would prefer a vanpool [anyone want to help them form a new group?].  By looks of all the construction on 22-30 east bound from OH, WV and all the traffic, congestion, and back-up.  Most of the vehicles I see…at 7:15 am only have one person in them, such a waste of gas. Vanpooling is a more economical way of traveling.

I have been working in Pittsburgh for over 30 years, and everyone I explain my commute to is amazed at the cost. There is no way I could have driven my own car in for this price.

Thanks for all of you time and effort to keep my commute an enjoyable one."

"I really enjoy carpooling to work. Wendy and I take turns driving. Between
listening to the radio and talking, the drive seems to go really fast!"

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"Peg S.," Pitt Graduate Student and Adjunct Faculty Member
Pitt Lady With Bike
How do you commute to campus?
I bike or bus to campus.

What advice would you give to new riders interested in bike commuting?
If you can find somebody to bike buddy with, I would do it. It is nice to have someone ride with you. Know ahead of time what your route isgoing to be. Plan it out - look for sharrows (shared lane markings), protected bike lanes, etc. If I know where there's a bike lane, I always try to follow it. On street bike routes are also available in some areas. 

"Daniel B.," Pitt Student

How do you commute to campus?
I bike to campus.

What do you like about bike commuting?
I don't need to worry about finding parking. I don't need to worry about the bus being late. Biking removes stress, because my commute is under my control. It's just me and my bike. I'm the only one responsible for getting to class on time. To me, that is less stressful. 

"James B.," Pitt Student
Man with Bike Sign
How do you commute to campus?
I bike to campus.

What advice would you give to a new bicyclist?
Bicycling gives you freedom, cuts down your travel time, and saves you time in your morning routine. You're also being physically fit and engaging in a healthy lifestyle. You think you're going to miss out on opportunities to walk home with people, but you won't. If that happens, you can just walk your bike next to them. I bike all over the place, not just to Pitt. And I have no regrets.

"I ride my bike part way to work because it guarantees that I will never get caught up in a downtown traffic jam."

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"Commuter assistance is one of the key concerns of Westmoreland County businesses. CommuteInfo is a great resource and is a definite plus in helping to create a more attractive business climate for area employers and employees.”

Ellen C. Keefe, Executive Director, Westmoreland Cleanways
Thank you for sending information to me about the SPC's activities in Westmoreland County.  I … agree that better transportation and commuting options are vital components to attracting and keeping talent in Westmoreland County.

Personally, I held a job for a time where I had to fly several times a year, and loved using APRA instead of having to drive to Pittsburgh.  In addition, my daughter is currently going to school in Pittsburgh and is a faithful user of the Westmoreland County Transit Authority for her daily commute. 

Professionally, while Westmoreland Cleanways is primarily a recycling and cleanup/litter abatement organization, all aspects of environmental protection fall under our umbrella.   Ride sharing not only saves us in our wallets, it dramatically reduces our "carbon footprint", the buzzword these days.  I will be happy to put information in our quarterly newsletter about your group's efforts and the environmental advantages of finding better ways to commute!

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